Tuesday, June 22, 2010

generally fucked up

the cross

I have heard everybody
has to carry ones cross.
(but why is mine so irregular?)

what's going on

don't worry, I have no idea either,
what it's about...

porąbana/hewn/crazy/fucked up

I wish I knew if everybody
is as hewn
(pl. hewn means also crazy/fucked up)
as me...

a bow

and it would be enough to make a small bow...

not right...

fuck! something here is not right...

the stupidity or the mermaid

the stupidity has no borders.


fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
fuck, I know I was saying it before!


I AM normal

fuck! it's not true!!!
I a m normal!

the Straitjacket

fuck, now I feel like being
a real artist.
(but why the motherfuckers tied me
so tight...?)

the play is over

I wanted to play an exhibitionist,...

... but changed my mind.




my hands...



I am gifted,
beautiful, strong
and am doing e x c e l l e n t l y.

and have I mentioned before
I see a bright and light
feauture before me?