Sunday, August 29, 2010

'decided' or 'the transplantation'



ha! now it should be good again.
(at least for some time...)


I've always known
there is something missing in me.

fortunately there are some
who have it in excess.

that's why i feel complete
by them.

It's so strong that when they're gone
I start bleeding from places
where were no wounds before.

I'm not single

Thursday, August 26, 2010

the loooooooonging

...knock knock knock...

knock! knock!! knock!! knooock!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

at Siegmunt's (II)

why am I glad
I'm adult?
finally nobody
can tell me
what to do!

and what do you think sir,
what should I do???

and here part I:


- oh, of course I've considered it.

but then they would probably say
I was depressed.



I dream about dogs


and toilets
(<--no paper)

and I don't understand myself
why I like sleeping so much

in any case

just in case
anybody would nag.

(fuck! it's so uncomfortable).

self -portrait

I'd curse a bit...

I'd curse a bit
but how often you can do this?

It's started boring even me.

and where are all the beautiful boys,
who are never there
when they're needed?...

and why doesn't my prince
carry me on his steed?

and what
- I please you* -
should it be?

* else 'the fuck'

sometimes I'm really pissed off

grrr, sometimes I'm really pissed off...

and then either a push-up

neither any super new super high heels can help.

not even trimming my fringe.

so what the fuck should I do?