Saturday, July 18, 2009

it will be ok

ja wohl! think positive and for sure sth will joyfully
fuck down on your head and everybody will be happy.
'have, motherfucker, a nice day'

all right, maybe I overdid my defeatism.

it'll be all right.

I like most...

...the word 'matherfucker', 'couse it lets itself so nice inflect

I've got nothing more to say

yeah, I've just had enough of all those guys and their
fucking whims. too skinny, too fat, too independent or
she-can't-do-anything-by-herself, there's always something wrong,
motherfucker. and if he knocks you up, he'll be
full of praise, 'now you can have it and love it by yourself
and swaddle it, 'cause I have to go work on myself and you have to
swaddle it by yourself' and 'why is it so fucking bawling?'
and how should I know?!
so I prefere the tv serials.

I don't know, how the others do it by their self,
so I'll better have a drink.

I have nothing more to say.
I've never had.

saturday evening

'couse it's like that...

'couse it's like that:

first he tells you: 'eat more, darligng, ...'and then: 'maybe you would ultimately pull your socks up...'
and try to please such as one!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

♂ & ♀

let me in!

I am trying to big shoes on
I long for learning walking in
so much...