Saturday, April 26, 2014

10 things the world doesn't need

every month in the 6020 magazine we show 10 things that the world really doesn't need. becouse 6020 is an austrian magazine, most things are related to the austrian (pop)culture, events and celebrities (but not only!) I usually have a great pleasure drawing it.

the first one was miley cyrus with her looooong tounge.....

then in november came headache from hot spiced wine, waiting for an appointment to change somber to winter tyre and 'last chrystmas' which you could hear everywhere...

in december there were untasty chocolates, mustaches and shirts wrapped 
with 17 pins.

in january we didn't need Sylvie van der Vaart:

and in march dancing stars...

in april there was bashing Conchita Wurst and Rainer Pariasek, who was 
everywhere on tv.

and...,-die-die-welt-in-diesem-monat-nicht-braucht/ but the previous version is my favourite ;)


some of my firsts illustrations I made for 6020 magazine, so it's quite old...

students life

another picture I made for Target Group. this time about students life... ;)

sugar in groceries

here is another set of illustrations made by me some time ago for Gesund in Tirol, a magazine about health. so if you didn't know how much added sugar contain the groceries, necessarily take a look!

professions guide * beruefsfuehrer

working for my next exhibition I haven't posted anything for ages... but I was and am working ;) !
here are some illustrations I made for 'professions guide' published by my employer Target Group.