Saturday, July 18, 2009

I've got nothing more to say

yeah, I've just had enough of all those guys and their
fucking whims. too skinny, too fat, too independent or
she-can't-do-anything-by-herself, there's always something wrong,
motherfucker. and if he knocks you up, he'll be
full of praise, 'now you can have it and love it by yourself
and swaddle it, 'cause I have to go work on myself and you have to
swaddle it by yourself' and 'why is it so fucking bawling?'
and how should I know?!
so I prefere the tv serials.

I don't know, how the others do it by their self,
so I'll better have a drink.

I have nothing more to say.
I've never had.

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